Many people especially ladies often apply makeup to improve their appearance. But inorganic cosmetics applied have adverse effects when used for long. But remember human skin has the ability to absorb products applied up to 60% then deposit them in the circulatory system therefore care should be taken when applying these products. In inorganic cosmetics, some chemicals used in their manufacture have negative side effects. When it comes to organic makeup, it eliminates or minimizes the issue of these negative effects. Makeup that is organic gives ladies a choice of getting that attractive look without harming their skin in the long run.

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Organic makeup can be used easily unlike other moisturizers that require the soaking and wearing of masks. In addition, you will find that natural makeup has no or minimal hypersensitive reaction and mostly react positively with the human skin.


Natural makeup provides similar coverage just like the inorganic makeup. We have various types of mineral makeup that will offer any kind of cover that you require. Both light and heavy coverage can be offered by the natural makeup to the point of full satisfaction of the user. For example Flawless Finish Liquid Mineral which offers full cover.


 The inorganic cosmetics applied penetrate the skin surface e.g. when one uses lipstick, 1.5-4 tubes of lipstick is consumed in their lifetime. When you consider the internalized ingredients by your body, it is healthier for your body to absorb essential oils, waxes, plant oils and mineral pigments than absorption of synthetic chemicals and by-products of petroleum.

Changing to natural makeup and cosmetics will assist you to stop feeding harmful chemicals into your skin. Skin problems like irritation, acne, allergies, and contact dermatitis will be solved. When natural products are fully used in the long run, it will lead to healthy skin and body.