Are you tired of digging out crusty old mascaras when you want to put on your makeup in the morning?


eye infection.jpgWhen rusty mascara is used, it would result to dodgy lipstick, cold sores, conjunctivitis and old powder pressed in shiny pores. However, it can be remedied easily by knowing how often replacement of your makeup should be done. In addition, old mascara increases the risk of developing yucky, crusty and itchy eye infections that will make eyelashes to stick together.


The following tips will guide you on how mascara can be removed with no irritation, pulling or tugging at your eyes.


Avoid waterproof mascara formulas as they last longer most of the time than non-waterproof mascara. They don’t break down easily like non-waterproof demanding a strong repeated wash which could remove the eye lashes. Be gentle and preserve the lashes, avoid waterproof mascaras.

ways to remove mascara

Rinse your face with little water when you want to remove makeup. The trick is that when water mixes with mascara product, it causes its break down. When the actual agents of removing mascara follow it, it becomes less harsh & easier to do it.

mascara removal

Use a wipe for removing makeup, place it on a cotton pad and move it downward to get the mascara removed. It also gets rid of eye shadow, eyeliner & anything else around the eyes. Since the mascara cannot be removed completely, cleanse with water to remove all the products left behind.



After doing the cleansing and you notice that, still some mascara is left behind, don’t repeat the whole process but just identify the area with the problem and apply some moisturizer that will clean up the mess. The moisturizer applied should be free from SPF as sunscreen stings the eyes. Finally pat your face with a towel to prevent tugging your skin or lashes without knowing.

Ladies we maintain our beauty let us remember to take care of our eyes.