Exposing our skin to sunlight is very important in synthesis of vitamin D but at the same time excessive exposure is unhealthy. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, measures should be taken to prevent it against damages from the sun. Over exposure to the sun is the main cause of aging-wrinkled skin that forms spots on the face. Exposure to the sun excessively could result to skin cancer development. Only sunburns once every two years triples the risk of getting melanoma skin cancer (deadliest skin cancer). The steps below will outline how you can effectively soothe sunburns.



Avoid excessive direct sunlight and start treating the sunburn immediately for the victims. The quick action is to prevent symptoms of sunburn that just take some hours to develop fully. In case you have any blisters on the skin allow them to heal after the treatment. The blisters should not be popped as their formation do not help to heal the skin but also protects it from infection.


Moisturize damp skin when using soy or Aloe vera moisturizers. For extra uncomfortable areas use creams of over the counter hydrocortisone. Products whose names end in “caine” must be avoided as they could cause allergic reactions and skin irritation e.g. benzocaine.


Also drink a lot of water as fluids move towards the skin incase of sunburn leading to dehydration of other body parts. The water taken prevents dehydration of the body.


Sunburned skin should be protected particularly those recovering from sunburn. Put on protective clothing while outdoors. The best clothing is the one with tightly woven fabrics. When you hold it against bright light you should not see any light penetrating. Use pain relievers e.g. asprin to reduce discomfort, swelling and redness of the skin. Finally, take a cool bath that assists in pain relieve and leave your skin damp by pat gently drying it.