The human hair is as special as the skin of each person. In the same manner the skin is taken care of, the hair also requires care for it to grow faster and in a healthy way. The challenge that is faced by many people is how to maintain their hair. I believe you don’t remember how many times you have been jealous of others because of the great volume of their hair and which is very healthy.



You may be wondering why you need healthy hair. Having healthy hair makes it look great and in turn increases one’s self-confidence. In addition, it gets one in better habits because of taking time regularly to do their hair.

It is easy to take care of short hair unlike long hair. Having long hair results in hair paradise problems. Taking good care of your hair is very necessary as germs and dirt could easily cling to the hair. In case you have been looking for ways to keep your hair hygienic, here they are:

The conditioner:


It should be used each time you are washing the hair. Leave the hair for about five minutes to allow it to soak.

The Argan Oil:

Coconut or argan oil can be used to be run in the wet hair. It seals follicles of the hair, availing a barrier to weather conditions that might be harmful. For dry hair, apply small quantities of the oil to smoothen it down.

The cold water:


Use it as the final rinse of hair after washing and conditioning. Cold water causes the closure of hair cuticles resulting to their flattening. This gets rid of frizz making the hair shine.

Cover the hair using a hat:


Make the hair in to a ponytail or any other comfortable style. Make sure you cover the hair completely with a hat.

Trimming the hair regularly:

Split ends of the hair should be trimmed after 6 weeks

Brushing of hair:


brush-hair-.jpgApply small amount of oil on the brush bristles to prevent damaging of your hair when brushing. It stimulates follicles as well as improving blood circulation around the scalp