To some men, skin care subject is quite delicate. Despite this being the case, more men have started to embrace the change to spend time looking after their skin now days. Manly & handsome look is very good for young and old men. When men age, skin care importance become essential. Hazardous men occupation results to extremely weathered skin if steps that are restorative and protective aren’t taken. The following are some skin care tips that can be used by men;


Men should avoid exposing their skin for long hours to the sun as excessive exposure damages the skin resulting to skin cancer. As a man you are advised to apply sunscreen which contain SPF 15 or at higher level in protecting the skin.

Do not use harsh aftershaves and soaps which would otherwise lead to drying of men’s skin excessively.


The skin must be kept clean all the time. Since men’s skin has large pores and oilier by 15% more than those of women hence men’s skin quickly get dirty. The cleaning should be made thorough and deep to keep these pores clear leaving the skin healthy and looking great.


While shaving, avoid face injury. Apply some hot water before you start the shave using a blade. An effective shaving cleanser should be used to prevent stripping of the protective skin oils.  Apply an aftershave to minimize secretion of sebum which oils the skin.

Men should moisturize their faces always to soften the skin and keep it healthy. This is to be done routinely even after applying the aftershave, a moisturizer with no heavy fragrance and alcohol is to be used.


Rub your skin regularly with granular substance to remove dead cells. The repeated 2-3 times rubbing per week promotes skin good tone for you.


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