It all starts by identifying the needs of your skin followed by selecting the right moisturizer. If you have had trouble when it comes to choosing the right moisturizer to buy for your dry skin, the problem is no more, I have a solution for you. Though it is quite challenging to choose the right skin moisturizer, if the following guide is considered you might find it easier to find the right choice.


First consider how the moisturizer works; an appropriate moisturizer is that, that seals moisture of outer skin layer. It does so through pulling of inner layer moisture of the skin to the outer layer. As a result, the dry skin will be softened.

Second, consider a moisturizer that has been added the sunscreen; it protects the skin against sun damages, which are harmful. This will ensure your skin is maintain being young. The moisturizer must contain a minimum factor of protection from the sun (30).


Third, the moisturizer has to be appropriate for your skin type. The highest population have a very sensitive skin on their face, therefore they require different moisturizer from the rest of the body. For sensitive individuals, the appropriate moisturizer is the one labeled hypoallergenic. Those with oily skin should go light or oil free moisturizers.


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Fourth, prescription relief for very dry skin; prescription moisturizer has the lactic acid AHA that makes the upper part of the skin soften. However, it can cause allergic reactions to sensitive people e.g. irritation, itching etc. Also barrier cream moisturizer, which is made up of humectants could be used. The cream can get deeper into the skin as compared to other moisturizers.



Fifth, use retinol moisturizers before going to bed; retinol is the skin vitamin A. It normally speeds up the how the cells of the skin turn over. Care should be taken during its use especially by sensitive individuals as it causes hypersensitive reactions.


Lastly, consider the time that you apply the moisturizer; this happens after selecting the right moisturizer for the skin. A damp skin is most preferred for application of any moisturizer.