Handling yellowed and stained nails could be very difficult. Therefore, I am going to give you simple tips that you can use to remedy this problem at home. The affected population prefer keeping this problem hidden by polishing their nails brightly. The polish hides the yellowed nails yes, but remember it has a negative effect since it prevents healthy growth of your nails. Stained and colored nails is brought about by various factors but I will address just a few.


Use of dark shade nail polish regularly. When you use nail polish for longer periods, pigments of color used to manufacture the polish will stain your nails. But the good news is that you can protect your nails from getting stained by coating the bottom with a clear polish coat followed by application of dark shades polish.


In case this fails to work for your nails, then you have a serious and critical problem possibly caused by Lymph edema, smoking, Sinusitis, nail psoriasis, nail fungal infections, Jaundice, TB or paronychia. Take action, establish the cause of the problem and be treated. The nails will regain their natural color after some time.

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In addition, you may prevent your nails from yellowing and staining by, putting on shoes that allow circulation of air for the nails of your feet. This increases fresh air circulation for the nails and cells of the skin.



Wear clean socks, as dirty ones will lead to nail infections accompanied by unpleasant feet odor.

Avoid sharing of clothing’s and towels to ensure zero spread of nail infections to others.

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Ensure you maintain proper nails hygiene by keep your nails dry and clean.

Clean around and under the fingers and toes by scraping.


While taking a shower at a public bathroom, ensure you put on sandals since such places are the most common grounds where it is very easy to pick on some dangerous fungal.