This is a continuation on more methods of Ancient Beauty Secret that are very useful Until Today.

  1. Sugaring


Unwanted body hair isn’t something that is exclusive to modern woman. In fact, women have been removing unwanted body hair for thousands of years. The women in ancient Egypt got rid of body hair by using a method called sugaring, much like waxing, sugaring removes hair from the roots so that it is softer when it grows back. The sugaring method still works today and is easy to do.


One of the main reasons people love sugaring so much is because it is less painful than waxing, because sugaring uses a paste, it doesn’t stick to skin, making it less irritating.

  1. Mung beans

People have been fighting acne for years. In ancient China empresses would use a common bean to help them with their acne woes. The mung bean is a small green bean mostly found in India and China. It packs some pretty powerful vitamins and proteins, which makes it ideal for inexpensive face masks. The beans are supposed to be mashed until they make a paste, and then rub the paste on the face to help soothe and heal the acne.


If you want to try this beauty secret for yourself, make sure to use fresh, organic, pesticide-free mung beans.

  1. Rose water


If you have never used rose water in your beauty routine, you are missing out. Rose water is considered one of the world’s oldest beauty secrets. In the ancient times due to the amazing moisturizing properties, rose water was used on the skin during harsh winters. Today rose water is used in beauty products because of its calming effect on irritated skin.

  1. Saffron oil


To achieve infamous glow for yourself, combine a pinch of saffron threads with coconut oil. Add the mixture to your night-time routine be applying it to your face before washing and wait result over time.

  1. Mint


It is hard to believe that something known to freshen breath can also make the skin glow. The best part about mint is that it is a perfect cost effective beauty secret. You can make a mask using mint, cucumber and honey they are perfect for toning the skin.

Beauty is all about what you have around you and make good use of it.